Pind away from Pind – Urban Tadka

It isn’t everyday that you get to witness the true ambience of ‘Pind’ in a posh mall of Mumbai. The moment I heard of one such restaurant, craving to have food there obviously sparked my mind. And so I, along with two friends of mine, ended up at Urban Tadka, R City.

Restaurant, though surrounded with tens of people for there was a live Cricket match on show, was largely free, although we did have to wait for 20 minutes to get the table. Now I say largely free because a friendship trio works best in films, to get a table in a restaurant though, we have to wait for that perfect table which isn’t small and neither crafted for a larger group.

Now as every minute of our wait was passing by, the Punjabi in me really started to get impatient for the rich taste of our culture was hanging in the air. Whew, those 20 minutes!
Door was finally opened for the three Punjabis who were desperate to have a good North Indian meal, needless to say, expectations were high. The moment we set our foot in, (in Bollywood style), each of ours jaws dropped for the scene could not have been any better. Dim light, paintings of boys doing ‘Bhangra’, girls doing ‘giida’, moms making ‘lassi’ and desi style culinary, oh my goodness, it gave the feeling of a miniature Punjab.

Now coming to the part, for which trust me, I was waiting to write about – The Food. Now, I am not going to provide you a laundry list of foods which were ordered and so here are the two dishes which I liked the most. I believe, eating food is an experience and not just the means of fulfilling the needs of our stomach, so every aspect of the meal would be covered.

1) Paneer Takatak – I particularly liked the use of capsicum in it, it was softly tendered and perfectly complemented the dish. Gravy, although mouth watering in color, slightly lacked the juiciness, it could have been cooked for some more time which would have given it the perfect taste. Nevertheless, since the blend of ingredients was consistent, this dish provided as a retreat from the boring food which we had been having in office and home.

Texture – Brown with a reddish tinge
Taste – Gravy was slightly tangy with a mixed taste of onion and ginger, the dish was a good experience

2) Dal Makhani – This is one dish which any Punjabi would love to gallop and I am no different. It arrived in a steel bowl, its Aroma grabbed our attention immediately. Of all the restaurants which have served me Dal Makhani, Urban Tadka stands tall. Rich taste of kidney beans, thickness was near perfect and the pinch perfect mixture of all the herbs and spices.

Texture – Dark Brown
Taste – Butter and Cream gave it a flavor which most dishes miss. Tempered with herbs and spices, kidney beans were soft and pressured with poise.

To sum it up, it was a good experience with Urban Tadka. It gives you the feel of a rustic dhaba, and the food did a fairly good job in fulfilling my taste buds. I’d be returning to Urban Tadka soon, hungry for more.


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